4000 Hours of watch Time for YouTube monetization

YouTube monetization: 4000 Hours of watch Time for YouTube monetization

If you are into YouTube and video making then you must know that for monetization of a YouTube channel there are two main eligibility criteria

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 hours of watch time.

The other 2 eligibility criteria are –

  • 2 step verification
  • No Community guideline strike

If you fulfill all these criteria then you can apply for monetization in YouTube. 2 main eligibility criteria that you need to complete are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Both are not that easy for anyone as a new YouTuber.

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How To get 4000 hours of watch Time?

To get 4000 hours organically you will need a lot of promotion and audience engagement. To help you complete these steps there are some marketing services that we provide-

  • Channels of your genre with 1000+ subscribers
  • 4000 hours of watch time with our large network.
  • Promotional campaign for YouTube and other social media.

Now moving forward towards 4000 hours of watch time, it will be a paid service. The cost of the package is mere 100 dollars.

YouTube watch time hours

actual delivery of service will be within 15 days of the purchase. We will help you to complete your watch hours by our organic network that will be completely genuine.

Why a cost associated with the 4000 hours of watch time

Although throughout our YouTube channel we help you to complete your monetization by yourself. But on the other hand there are business and YouTuber’s who wants readymade genuine service for all this to instantly start there video’s monetization.

These individual and business know the impact of there video’s and they want to launch monetized content.

In order to complete your order we provide incentives over the network in different forms. Ultimately the whole networks give there time, electricity and bandwidth to complete your task.

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