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Best Website Designer In Kanpur

There is various very good/ Best Website designer in Kanpur. Website designing is kind of a very basic skill nowadays. Almost all computer geeks at least know about WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that helps anyone to create a website easily.

Even if you are not a Computer geek and you want a good Website for your business there are plenty of Web developers around you on Google Maps.  You just need to find out the best one.

Advanced Website Design in Kanpur

Now basic Website can be done in the manner described above. Now if you want some kind of specific features to be implemented on your Website then it may be not everyone’s cup of tea. Here you need to pick a proper company.

And here our role may start. In case you want any kind of Advanced website with various kinds of features like an MLM Website or affiliate Website or kind of search engine then these certain features need to be implemented sometimes.

On the other hand, if you want a business Website or an e-commerce store then digital marketing service is a very vital feature that you are going to need most.

All these features and digital marketing services that we can do for you. In Kanpur, even for a basic Website, we will quote you the minimum price and best kind of service.

Now let’s understand some basics of Web development before starting any kind of real work

What kind of Website can be done

almost all kinds of Websites can be made including E-commerce or affiliate marketing or just a contact website. We can make a website for you as per your need. Along with that if you want then we can make different kinds of online presence on various social media portals.

Kind of Website Design We do

  • Contact Website
  • Landing page ( Website used for campaigns)
  • E-commerce Website
  • Custom feature Website
  • Affiliate marketing website with autopilot features.

best website designer in kanpur

Features that can be included in the Website

  • Contact form
  • Search engine optimization plugin
  • E-commerce features
  • Custom features (as per need)

Along with that, you can add services like Search engine optimization and digital marketing services.

Kind of Website avail in bahraich yellow page

All kinds of Website designs in now avail in Kanpur

Website features along with the Type of Website and pricing

Domain name- 

Just like every person has a name, we need to take a Domain name. To buy a domain name you can choose any domain registrar like

And many more. In case you are planning an SEO-based Website with us then kindly consult us before taking any domain name for the same.

Domain hosting-

Just like every person needs a home to live in. A Website needs to be hosted on a server.  Most domain registrar provides Website hosting also. To choose the Best hosting provider you can contact us.

Contact Website

Contact Websites are simple Websites that are used mostly in the contact card and portfolio. The main point of this kind of Website is to show your online Presence.

To make this kind of Website we don’t charge much. If you have the Domain name and hosting yourself then we will provide a full 5-page Website in just 1500/- along with a premium theme (worth 2500+ as per need).

  • Contact form included
  • About page
  • At least one Full article ( With SEO optimization)


Landing page + Website

This kind of Website is mainly for business that wants to make leads via a campaign or other kind of digital marketing. The landing page creation procedure will take care will focus on the customer experience on your page and along with that, we will also take care of the Webpage as per Google ads requirements.

The price of the Landing page Website starts from 3000 INR, if you want hosting and a domain name from our side then it will be nearly 5000 INR.

E-commerce Website

For an e-commerce website, we will develop and install all kinds of features. For a simple e-commerce website without adding products, we offer you a price of 7000 INR along with 25 products listed and a payment gateway of choice integrated into it.

If you are planning a range of Products then they will be charged per category.

Custom feature Website

To make a custom feature Website you need to identify the kind of Website you need. Once you provide your requirement we will let you know the time and money that will

be required for the project.

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